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Yay! Everything has premiered! :) But all is not good. :( I forgot to erase some stuff from my dvr, and missed all my Wednesday and Thursday stuff. That's 5 shows! All because I was so worried about that presentation I had to give on Thursday for Internet Foundations. So glad that it is over! Our teacher said everyone did ok...I hope he's not trying to make everyone feel better!

I at least got to see NCIS. Excellent episode! I love how Tony has taken charge. I love how they did the intro this year. One of my favorite scenes is where they show Gibbs and Tony drinking coffee, and then switching. :)

I was also able to see Numb3rs. They finally made Dylan Bruno (Colby Grainger) a member of the cast. I love the Colby! He's hot! But Rob Morrow cut his hair! What was he thinking?

As for Dancing With The Stars, Joey was a force! WHOA! His quickstep was awesome!

I'm currently waiting for Cold Case to come on. Feeling the Danny Pino love!
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Hey, it's premiere week! For me, anyway. Most of my shows are on CBS, and they start on Monday. I watch NCIS (luv!), Cold Case, CSI, CSI:NY, and Numbers. The only ones I watch on FOX are Bones, and now Justice. The only one on NBC is currently Medium, though Heroes sounds interesting. My only ABC show is Dancing With The Stars.

Justice is currently the only new show I am watching...I have Standoff from FOX on dvr, but have yet to watch it. It's still on "probation," but I am leaning towards keeping it on the schedule so to speak.

I currently have Kill Bill on. I think O-ren Ishii is one of the coolest of the Deadly Vipers. I loved the anime they did on her back story.
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Feeling the love for ballroom dancing right now...Dancing With The Stars is finally here! I just have to say OMG about Mario Lopez! He was fantastic! Not to mention hyper. That boy needs decaf. Emmitt Smith, partnered with Cheryl Burke(Drew's partner!) did very well. I was very impressed. He didn't have the same problem that Jerry Rice had -- namely, the need to just let loose and enjoy himself.

Result wise, Tucker Carlson deserved to be voted off. He was terrible. He even spent part of the dance sitting down, while his partner did all the dancing! :P

I've also been watching Ballroom Bootcamp, where three people have five weeks to learn a particular dance style. I really wish that I could take lessons, but alot of the times are when I have school, or have to study/work on projects.
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Well, I ordered one bottle each of Brides of Dracula and All Souls, plus a sample of Port Royal. Wish I would have thought to add a sample of Black Pearl to that order...ah well. I am thinking on ordering Wilhemina Murray, Lucy Westenra, and perhaps Creepy. I'm going to wait to see what the Christmas scents will be before hand. Even though they're Halloween scents, they will be held until December 1. I'd also like to order the Carnival Diabolique LEs Midnight on the Midway and perhaps Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller. Those ones will be up for a year, so there is no hurry. There may also be more I'd like better on future updates...slated to be 7 "acts", 2 of which are currently live.

I love Will Turner, and am not usually into slash. I am feeling some kind of twisted love for Barbossa/Will and Davy Jones/Will, and not in the romance kind of way...more like the somewhat sick and twisted way. X) Not to mention thoughts of Barbossa/Will/Elizabeth.



Sep. 2nd, 2006 12:43 am
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What an enormous update for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! The Halloweenies, Order of the Dragon (based on Dracula by Bram Stoker), and a new general catalog based on a previous limited edition Springtime in Arkham (H.P. Lovecraft--Cthulu), called A Picnic In Arkham. I am probably going to order Brides of Dracula and All Souls. Labor Day! That means a 3-day weekend! But, wait! I have to work on the assignments we just got for disaster recovery on Thursday, as well as integrate our work with that of another guy since his partner quit...with only a few WEEKS before the end of the term. Bloody former jarhead. At least I made the dean's list with a 4.0! That means ORDERS AT BPAL!
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I just finished Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison. A pretty good book, I must say. I picked up her first "Hollows" book with a gift card because it looked good, and I'm glad I did. This series has earned a place on the "must buy" list. The one scene in FOC has Ivy threatening to make Nick her shadow (addict/slave to blood ecstasy, chosen blood donor)if he kills Rachel in the automobile accident they set up. What wonderfully wicked thoughts that is giving me...;)

Reading the reviews for some of the new scents at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I wished that 1) I had ordered Chrysanthemum Moon, and 2)I had already ordered from Carnival Diabolique and the general catalog. Some of the scents sound so good!
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I really wish I didn't have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or any day for that matter! It seems that any of the ballroom/latin dancing lessons are when I have school, or have to study/do homework/do projects. Don't even get me started on projects! I have one for each class. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I actually knew what I was doing! In Inet, we get a new phase after each chapter. There isn't any practical material in this course, so how can I know what I'm doing? In disaster recovery, the book majorly sucks. It is severely lacking in the telling you what the heck you are supposed to be doing department. ARRRGGHHH!!

Well, at least the new television season will start pretty soon. I am eagerly awaiting NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, and Bones in particular.
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I'm happy for Benji, winner of So You Think You Can Dance. He did absolutely everything with such joy and enthusiasm. There were times that he wasn't the best technical dancer, but he certainly made up for it with heart.
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ABC has posted the celebrities taking part in Dancing With The Stars as well as their professional dance partners. You can find them here: http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancing/index.html

I'm glad to see Cheryl Burke, the season two professional champion, returning this season. I loved watching her dance with Drew Lachey, and not just because they made an excellent couple. Cheryl is a very talented dancer, and she brought out the best in her partner.

I nearly cracked up when I found out that one of the stars was Jerry Springer. May the chair throwing, cat-fighting, you're my baby's daddy wackiness ensue! ::snicker:: That said, I wonder how he'll do.
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I had a journal here before, but it's been a while since I posted. A very long while. Instead of going back to it, I decided to just start over instead. Heck, I didn't even know about some of the options that are available now! The plus account wasn't even available at the time. Hopefully I'll do better at updating this journal.

My current header (not to mention obsession) is Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean, played by Orlando Bloom. I have only seen the movie once. If I didn't have all this school work to do! I'm never going into disaster recovery, even if it's lucrative. Too much bloody paperwork!


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