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I have to wonder, even though I am still somewhat obsessed with Will, that the movie effects me almost as much at the fifth viewing as it did the first. I still see it as being "so many minutes until the death scene," and it still gets me watching it.

By the way, the whole Q and A insert is being ignored. I reject their reality and replace it with my own. ;) Will is free after 10 years, and Elizabeth is faithful to him. I have my own version of what happened in that time.
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Just saw Disney's Enchanted movie, and I have to say that it was such a delightful movie! Especially since it's outside of my personal "box", so to speak. I don't usually go for the sweet romantic tale.

The animated and live-action sequences were equally well done. The special effects were awesome. When I seen that Weta Digital was one of the companies involved (they did the Lord of the Rings Films)...no wonder they were good.

I really enjoyed the references to other Disney films, such as Snow White, Cinderella...even Pirates of the Caribbean. I had to smile at the Pirates references--the thrown sword, the princess saving the prince, the fact that the prince doesn't mind being the one who has to be saved. ;) I see a bit of Will in Robert.

I have to say my favorite scenes were the Central Park "How will you know" sequence and the scene where Robert and Giselle danced together, and they found their song, and when Giselle went after the evil queen. I was geeking out on the PotC stuff (even if I'm the only one who sees it like that).
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...it's Yamato.

I went to see the Japanese taiko drum group, Wadaiko Yamato, at Mercyhurst College today. They are freaking AWESOME. Mercyhurst was able to bring them in for 2 shows this year, and they sold out both! They could probably sell out a larger venue, but you definitely wouldn't get the same experience the smaller ones give you--namely, being able to feel the drumbeats as well as hear them.

The group, 5 men and 5 women, play with such joy and enthusiasm, it's contagious. One of the women playing the shamisen, a stringed instrument similar in sound to a banjo, really did play like a rock star. The drums range from smaller hand size ones to a huge one made from a 400-year-old tree. I just wish they came more often.
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Still obsessed with my FPF (Favorite Pirate Forever!) Will. My days at work are filled with alot of my ideas for what happened/thoughts/feelings of Will during/after the movies. I just wish I was better at writing. Especially since it seems that we are back to the same load of mostly J/E along with some slash of various pairings. The number of W/E fics has been drastically reduced, at least in the communities I frequent. I prefer to stay in my own little corner of fandom. Having seen a lot of BS when I frequented Phantom of the Opera communities, especially as a Raoul fan, I have no wish to get involved with the same with PotC. I have also just about given up reading J/E altogether. It seems that even those who treat Will the best are just interested in getting rid of him so Elizabeth can be with the one she "really wants."

I can't believe summer is over already. It seems like it just started! On the plus side, the new season offically starts for me tomorrow, with Cold Case.

I have been playing the MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada alot. My family name is Noumi...it comes from the Japanese no umi, or "of the sea." You can play with up to three characters in your group, so I have William, Elizabeth, and Jacqueline. ::snicker::
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After checking vital signs, I have been able to determine that I am alive. :P

Not much going on. Quit school, which is a freaking joke. Went to see Michael Buble down in Pittsburgh, which was AWESOME. Great voice, great sense of humor. Read the last Harry Potter book. Again, awesome. Found a cool Will shirt (it had Will and a dragon plus Chinese script on it) with JUST WILL, not Will AND Jack. Also Will socks. ::snicker:: Went to Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame when my bro came up from Texas.
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Am extremely disappointed, as it seems that AWE has left the local theaters. I wanted to make it 5, but oh well. I am so not going to see it at the cheap theater. The seats badly need to be re-upholstered, the rows are too close together, and by the time the movie is done, my body HURTS. I wish I didn't have to wait for the dvd...

I was watching the latest episode of Bleach when it came to me that it would make an almost perfect crossover with POTC, at least where Will is concerned. I can imagine Rukia telling Ichigo Will's story, and how he became the "Shinigami no Umi," or "death god/spirit of the sea." I can see what he would look like, too. The soul reaper kimono, only short and sleeveless, with regular trousers/breeches/whatever, and boots. Since I imagine him to be at captain level, he would wear a white frock coat instead of his black one from the movie, with the Japanese symbol for the sea on the back. I'm not to sure about the name of his zanpakuto ("soul cutter") or sword, but I know it would be a water based one. I would write the story if I were more confident in my skills. What sounds okay in my head often suffers in translation when I try to write it out.

My brother floored us this week when he sent us a new computer as a combined early xmas/bday gift for us all (think he must have gotten a good deal). ZOMG. I want to hug our new monitor!!! It's a 20 inch widescreen flat panel LCD. I am so in love...
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Friday we went to the Festival of the Arts to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They are modern swing, I guess you could say. They were AWESOME! I haven't listened to the cd for a while, but I still loved it. They played at CelebrateErie a couple of years ago. Also, there was this couple doing swing dance in the small open area in front of our seats. They were actually pretty good, and probably would have been better with a proper dance surface.

Went to see Pirates for the third time. Each time I go, I end up loving Will all the more. Not to mention impressed with Orlando, especially his facial expressions. I am biased, of course, but how otherwise would the death scene and everything after still get me after multiple viewings? He also plays a great smarmy bastard--in other words, the tea scene on the Endeavor.

I am also a staunch believer in the idea that Will is free and clear after 10 years as Captain of the Flying Dutchman. I cannot be who I am (hopeless romantic) and believe otherwise.
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I am now officially Keeper of Will Turner's heart The POTC Blog Crew Follow the link if you want to stake your claim!

I also made a new header for my journal. Not too bad, if I do say so myself!
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Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for the second time, and am currently watching Curse of the Black Pearl. It's really amazing how far the characters have come.

Will has always been my favorite character, and the one I most relate to. At first, it was Orlando Bloom that I came for, after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies. It was after Dead Man's Chest that I really fell in love with the character...and if anything, in AWE I loved him even more. It seems that Will really came into his own.

That said, I liked the movie. No, perhaps the plot wasn't the best, and there were things I thought were missing or could have done without, but overall I liked it. 

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Dancing With The Stars is over again for another season. :( I have become so addicted to watching it, that 10 weeks seems to just fly by. Well, at least Apolo and Julianne won...they are such a cute couple! Though I would have been happy if Joey and Kim would have won. I'm glad, too, that Joey and Kim were gracious even though they came in second, not like someone ::cough Karina:: who was a little bitchy. We are going to see the tour again, this time in Buffalo at the HSBC Arena.

Pirates is on Friday! WOOT!!! I am taking half the day to go see it. I have been obsessing about it in general, and Will in particular. Pirate!Will is just hot. And, being a hopeless romantic, I really hope he gets together with Elizabeth. Yes, W/E shipper and proud of it! Though I can go J/W/E as well.:)

I had some weird intersections of DWTS and POTC in my head at work, especially since my job doesn't require use of higher brain functions much. ;P I had a few songs running through my head, namely the Marilyn Manson version of Tainted Love, and Paralyzer by Finger 11. Watching DWTS has created what I like to call "dance brain." Dance brain is what likes to come up with ballroom or latin dance moves to a majority of the songs I listen to. The POTC intersection comes in because usually the "pair" images I come up with are anonymous...this time they were Will and Elizabeth. Amusing, eh?

My Will

May. 5th, 2007 06:09 pm
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This was inspired by one of the countdown activities from [livejournal.com profile] potc_dogwatch.

My Will is:

Handsome, but doesn't see it
Not as gullible or as naive as some might think
Very much in love with Elizabeth
The type to put others before himself, almost to a fault
Feels the weight of obligation to a father he never knew
Would do anything for those he cares for
A good, honorable man who wants to do the right thing
Learning that sometimes the end justifies the means
Brave and loyal
An excellent swordsman
Able to get himself out of a bind

There is so much more about him that I just can't define at the moment. I hate that there are a lot of people who find Will to be boring, or uninteresting. He does have depth to his character. Will tends to get overshadowed by Jack and his eccentricities. There have been few characters I have been as fascinated as I have with Will as of late.

Outside of this, I was extremely disappointed that the My Chemical Romance show in Pittsburgh was canceled due to the band members coming down with food poisoning. Then, I found out that they canceled it in favor of a postponed date in Columbus. Am now somewhat pissed, especially seeing that they aren't rescheduling it, and "hope to be back before the end of the year." Needless to say I am not holding my breath.
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Lurking in different Pirates communities (mostly turningpirate) got me thinking about why Will is my favorite character from the movie. Especially since Will is the "good guy." Looking back over my favorites from movies and tv shows, I have fell in love mostly with the misunderstood "bad boy"...the one who is really wounded on the inside. Fragile. Vulnerable--though most of the people surrounding him would hardly believe it.

So why Will? In part, maybe it's because I find that I am like him in some ways. Although I don't see myself going on an adventure to save my beloved anytime soon, I have the same tendency to sacrifice what I want sometimes for what others want. Not to say that I do it unselfishly all the times, or that I'm not bitter about the decision, or the need to make it. In some ways, it's in me to deny myself. I see these same qualities in Will.

*Grabs ahold of Will, pulling him over* Comeon, look at the man! What's not to love?
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It's been a while, I know. Not like anyone is reading anyway.

The new season of Dancing With the Stars has begun already. There hasn't been a true favorite to arise yet, or even a real train wreck (though Billy Ray Cyrus came close).

The Pirates of the Caribbean trailer came out. Definitely feeling the Will love! Pirate!Will is HOT. Will haters are not-so-much.

The new update for Milk Moon/April fool's is up at Black Phoenix. I decided to order Milk Moon (which, in scent notes, relates to the fruits the Israelites found in Canaan) and Monster Bait: Bloody Mary (red fruits, black cherry, sweet cream, powdered sugar).

Going to see My Chemical Romance in May! I am SO excited. I have been listening to The Black Parade constantly since I bought the cd. There aren't many albums I own that I listen to the whole thing without skipping over some songs.
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Haven't posted for a while, but I'm not dead yet. Everyone knows this by now, but Emmitt and Cheryl won Dancing With The Stars! They're saying that they might do next season in March. That would be sweet! I can hardly wait to see the tour in Columbus.

Thanksgiving came and went, and now Christmas looms in the distance. That means that pretty soon, we'll be going to Austin to see Joe.

Got a second chance to try some scents from BPAL...Glasya was a limited edition Resurrection, and now Shub-Niggurath has been added to the general catalogue. I also ordered a full size bottle of Horreur Sympathique.

Pirates of the Caribbean comes out Tuesday! I am so getting that dvd.
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I just saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight (or rather last night if you want to get technical). I have seen them 4 times, and they always put on a great show. They are also always trying to outdo themselves year after year. They put on one of the most fantabulous light shows. Another great thing is that they bring their full show everywhere...no matter the size of the venue. They also refuse to sell seats that don't have a good view, such as seats in back of the stage or at the extreme sides. Not to mention the bassist for the east side group is HOT. The only disappointment is one of the vocalists. He has a good voice, but the person who sang that particular piece when we first saw TSO was wonderful. One you feel truly privileged to have heard. He passed away a few years ago.

You know you're obsessed with Dancing With The Stars when almost every song you hear you think, "Wow, that would make a great 'insert dance style here'." Only one more week to go. :( Seems like it just started, and now it's almost over. Mario and Emmit reached the finals. I can't wait to see the free style--especially Emmit and Cheryl. Cheryl came up with a great one last season.

My sniffies arrived! I haven't got a chance to try them all, but I can hardly wait. Horreur Sympathique seems like a big bottle order. I'd like to get the resurrected scent Glasya, and am considering the anniversary scent Purple Phoenix. I also really need to go through the ones I don't really use and put them up on Ebay.


Nov. 5th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Going to see the Dancing With The Stars in Columbus! Yes!!! :) Drew and Cheryl! Willa and Max! Am just so excited. The funny thing about it is, my dad would have been willing to spend the money the "ringside" table seats if they would have been selling seats differently...they were only doing them by twos and fours.

I can't wait to figure out how to get my wireless working again...had to reload Windows. I have to use my mom's right now.
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Happiness! Dancing With The Stars is going on tour! The closest is in Cleveland, but its on a TUESDAY!!! 8(There is another in Columbus, that we might consider going to (and stay overnight) since Tuesday is a school night. I am very much hoping we can go because Drew and Cheryl will be on the tour. I love them...definitely my favorite couple. Willa, so far my favorite of the women, will be there along with Maksim. Also on tour will be Joey and Edyta, Lisa and Louie, Harry and Ashly, and Joey along with Kim (the only ones who weren't paired on the show).
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Well, I decided to order Snow Maiden (which I'm hoping is similar to Ice Queen) and Snow Flakes, as well as 13 for my mom. I also ordered a sample of Horreur Sympathique. I decided to go with the ones that are outside my normal scent choices for the first order. There is plenty of time to order the other ones I am interested in, since they are live until February 2007. I checked the turnaround time on the BPAL.org boards, and it looks like the Lab is down to about 2 weeks. Sweet!

In slightly less than 2 months, I'll be going to Austin to celebrate xmas with my bro! I can hardly wait.

I just love this icon of Will Turner, Ice Cold by envision_icons. :) He looks so hot in this pic!
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The Yule update is live for Black Phoenix! There are several scents that I am really interested in, all of them new. I am surprised at the amount of new Yule blends. The general catalogue has been updated as well.

Here is what I am interested in:

GC: Horreur Sympathique
Yule: The Darkling Thrush, Haloa, Krampus( I'd wait for a review on this one), The Snow Maiden, Snow Flakes, Sol Invictus, Winter Of Our Discontent (another review)

I really want to try some of the winter themed ones-- they aren't something I would normally pick out, but I had great luck with Ice Queen. I'm hoping Snow Maiden might be similar. The others I am intrigued by. Some of the other scents are right up my alley (resin/warm/spice/incense type)

As for Dancing With The Stars, I can't believe Willa was voted off! I really enjoyed watching her. She was coming into her own as a dancer, and she had great presence. She deserved to be there more than Sarah Evans, whose dancing looks painful at times. I was SO disappointed in her paso doble. I had great hopes for Phantom music. Drew and Cheryl so could have rocked that one! Mario, of course, is still awesome.
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Not much to post about. Blah.

Dancing With The Stars: Mario=hotness (if he colors in the lines). At times, he looks as good as Drew. At times he even looks better!

NCIS: Is coolness as usual! Tony=luv! I am looking forward to seeing what happens now that Gibbs is back.

Bones: ARRRRGGGG!!! Stupid thing didn't tape again!

School: Is so going to SUCK. I'll be lucky to get anywhere in Access. There's so much to it! As for business law, I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I can't wait until I get my BPAL stuff...should get a click'n'ship notice any day now, from the dates people have been posting on the BPAL boards.
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