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Am extremely disappointed, as it seems that AWE has left the local theaters. I wanted to make it 5, but oh well. I am so not going to see it at the cheap theater. The seats badly need to be re-upholstered, the rows are too close together, and by the time the movie is done, my body HURTS. I wish I didn't have to wait for the dvd...

I was watching the latest episode of Bleach when it came to me that it would make an almost perfect crossover with POTC, at least where Will is concerned. I can imagine Rukia telling Ichigo Will's story, and how he became the "Shinigami no Umi," or "death god/spirit of the sea." I can see what he would look like, too. The soul reaper kimono, only short and sleeveless, with regular trousers/breeches/whatever, and boots. Since I imagine him to be at captain level, he would wear a white frock coat instead of his black one from the movie, with the Japanese symbol for the sea on the back. I'm not to sure about the name of his zanpakuto ("soul cutter") or sword, but I know it would be a water based one. I would write the story if I were more confident in my skills. What sounds okay in my head often suffers in translation when I try to write it out.

My brother floored us this week when he sent us a new computer as a combined early xmas/bday gift for us all (think he must have gotten a good deal). ZOMG. I want to hug our new monitor!!! It's a 20 inch widescreen flat panel LCD. I am so in love...


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