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Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for the second time, and am currently watching Curse of the Black Pearl. It's really amazing how far the characters have come.

Will has always been my favorite character, and the one I most relate to. At first, it was Orlando Bloom that I came for, after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies. It was after Dead Man's Chest that I really fell in love with the character...and if anything, in AWE I loved him even more. It seems that Will really came into his own.

That said, I liked the movie. No, perhaps the plot wasn't the best, and there were things I thought were missing or could have done without, but overall I liked it. 

My favorite parts:

Right before they go over the falls. I just love how pretty it looks, like they were floating through the Milky Way.

Any scene with Wet!Will...for obvious reasons. ;)

When Will was pushing Davy Jones's buttons. So devious there!

The parlay scene. Pirate!Will = Hot. Also, I just love his attitude...so arrogant! Oh, and the scene itself. Just love the nonverbal conversation between Will, Elizabeth, and Jack.

The mid-battle wedding. The whole idea was awesome! And so fitting.

The resurfacing of the Dutchman, and when Beckett realizes that he is screwed.

The beach scene. OMG, to be Elizabeth/Keira at that moment! Captain!Will is right up there with Pirate!Will in sex appeal. And the implied sex part, the knee nuzzling...can someone tell me if the Dutchman covers lakes?


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