May. 23rd, 2007

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Dancing With The Stars is over again for another season. :( I have become so addicted to watching it, that 10 weeks seems to just fly by. Well, at least Apolo and Julianne won...they are such a cute couple! Though I would have been happy if Joey and Kim would have won. I'm glad, too, that Joey and Kim were gracious even though they came in second, not like someone ::cough Karina:: who was a little bitchy. We are going to see the tour again, this time in Buffalo at the HSBC Arena.

Pirates is on Friday! WOOT!!! I am taking half the day to go see it. I have been obsessing about it in general, and Will in particular. Pirate!Will is just hot. And, being a hopeless romantic, I really hope he gets together with Elizabeth. Yes, W/E shipper and proud of it! Though I can go J/W/E as well.:)

I had some weird intersections of DWTS and POTC in my head at work, especially since my job doesn't require use of higher brain functions much. ;P I had a few songs running through my head, namely the Marilyn Manson version of Tainted Love, and Paralyzer by Finger 11. Watching DWTS has created what I like to call "dance brain." Dance brain is what likes to come up with ballroom or latin dance moves to a majority of the songs I listen to. The POTC intersection comes in because usually the "pair" images I come up with are anonymous...this time they were Will and Elizabeth. Amusing, eh?


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